Since the expansion of Independent Rehabilitation Services (IRS) earlier this year things have been both exiting and busy for Jayne and myself.

We have now become recognised providers for several private medical insurances and our referral rate has steadily increased and we are continuing to meet with case managers, private physios, vocational rehabilitation services, GP practice managers and support groups to discuss the services we are offering.

Along with the first publication of our blog , our testimonials blog will also go life with a link from our home page.

Being always interested in new developments and new equipment on the market Jayne and I went to Naidex at Birmingham in April this year. As always there were a lot of new things advertised. We were particularly impressed by the straw beri.

The straw beri is a small straw holder (straw clip) that holds a straw securely against the side of a glass or cup. It can also be used on the top of a bottle. It costs only £1.99, for more information or to buy a straw beri go to


We are hoping to use this blog to provided updates on what we are up to at IRS, new equipment, new treatment ideas and approaches and to share information on a regular basis.

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