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Bill Young


Bill has over 20 years experience in the IT Industry working with some of the largest global companies and financial institutions.

He has a vast range of skills, from user support, such as helping people to work efficiently with information technology, to managing large teams both in the UK and abroad.

Bill has extensive knowledge of multiple operating systems, for example MAC, Wintel (PC), IOS and android.

Using a hands on approach Bill likes to make technology accessible to all people regardless of age and abilities. He enjoys the challenge of analysing problems and identifying the best way to resolve information technology issues.

Bill's communication skills are excellent. People have described him as being highly motivated and thriving when working in different environments.

Before developing his IT skills, Bill spent over 15 years as a Motor Vehicle Technician, more recently 2 years experience as an Auto Electrician.

He has a special interest in home automation. He is always looking for innovative ways to utilise his interests, applying his knowledge and skill in IT to facilitate an individual's independence and quality of life.

Bill also has knowledge and experience in teaching and coaching gained through his interest in dance and scuba diving as well as on a professional level.

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