IRS provides neurological rehabilitation, which aims to optimise a person's recovery and promotes function in everyday activities of daily living.

Neurological rehabilitationNeurological rehabNeurological rehabilitation is a complex process consisting of a range of treatment approaches (e.g. relearning, compensatory, biomechanical, and rehabilitative). There is evidence that the central nervous system can change and adapt after a brain injury or neurological disease. These changes are influenced by functional demands and demonstrate how internal neural pathways can adapt and reorganise. We at IRS believe people can relearn as internal physiological and anatomical changes occur during neurological rehabilitation.




Neurological rehab

Neurological rehabAt IRS we also consider other important factors that are fundamental to a person's recovery and well being. Environmental factors including community integration can be a key aspect of a successful rehabilitation programme. We believe a person's participation in activities of need and interest should be considered. This includes return to work and/or enjoyment of leisure activities. IRS is therefore committed in adopting a client centred and holistic approach to neurological rehabilitation.



Neurological rehabilitation

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