Vocational rehabilitation is a process whereby those disadvantaged by illness or disability can be enabled to access, maintain or return to employment or other useful occupations. - British Society of Rehabilitation medicine (BSRM 2000).

Vocational rehabilitationIRS can provide 'Baseline Functional Assessments' for the individual, employers and/or Vocational Rehabilitation Case Managers. This includes a holistic assessment of the individual's areas of ability, difficulty, needs and skill in relation to their potential to perform the duties of their current occupation.

In conjunction with a 'Baseline Functional Assessment' a 'Work Environment Assessment' is also available. These are non-standardized workplace assessments and include task analysis of the demands of the job role and an environmental evaluation of the work place. On completion of each individual assessment a written report with recommendations will be provided.

IRS is also able to provide graded rehabilitation programmes to enable a person to return to and remain in employment. Intervention would focus on developing skills, function and confidence plus work hardening and conditioning. A comprehensive programme would also include injury prevention, job modification and adjustment and environmental adaptations if required.

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