Client Testimonials

"The family needed someone removed from the situation who provided advice and a clear structure for my husbands care. Birgit implemented a clear structure and valuable advice."

V.F January 2009

"Thank you so much for helping me to get my Disability Living Allowance, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your help!"

D.S. Kettering October 2008

"I have now received and read your initial assessment report on behalf of my client which I found very informative indeed. The recommendations set out in your report seem most appropriate and will offer my client a range of support networks to assist him with his rehabilitation process."

A.J. (case manager )Bush & Company Rehabilitation LLP September 2008

"Thank you for your support whilst working together with this complex case. I have enjoyed working with you again."

L.J. (case manager) RWW May2008

"Independent Rehabilitation Services undertook a comprehensive Occupational Therapy assessment on an employee for our organisation following a very serious illness. The assessment demanded a detailed outcome using a sensitive approach. Following the assessment the company was able to facilitate a way forward with the employee to the satisfaction of both parties."

D.G. H R manager May 2008

"I needed an Occupational Therapy (OT) assessment in order for there to be clarification regarding my return to work following my stroke. I had a very thorough OT assessment from Birgit and she provided a comprehensive and factual written report. As a result of this my situation regarding my return to work was clarified and this enabled a decision to be made quickly by the company I work for. The OT assessment has speeded up a resolution to my situation."

J.S. Northampton May2008

" are a very dedicated OT and professional in your approach, which you had demonstrated in your sessions with my son. Should you require references in future we will be happy to provide them."

L.B.B. Milton Keynes May 2008

We were looking for some advice on OT/physio interventions after my mum was coming out of hospital - the result of a fall at home. Birgit made my mum and the family members think about what was important to my mums recovery and well being. My mum has now started to go out socially again with the help of one of her regular carers!!!

PK Corby April 2008

I contacted IRS because I heard about the good work they do. IRS gave my confidence because they knew what they were doing and explained everything to me in a way a layman could understand. The treatments carried out by Birgit eased the pain that I was having with my problem therefore making me more comfortable with the pain. Thank you!!!

MJA Daventry March 2008

"I contacted Birgit for Occupational Therapy interventions for one of my clients who had sustained a head injury. This client had recently moved into her own accommodation with her young son and needed Occupational Therapy to develop her independent living skills and to parent her son. Birgit worked with my client developing domestic living skills, parenting skills, community integration and explored options for future employment. My client was making good progress and had build a good rapport with Birgit, but unfortunately decide to terminate Occupational Therapy interventions before the rehabilitation programme was completed. I feel the work Birgit was doing with my client benefited her greatly and have used her services for my other clients since."

L. J. case manager (Rehab without Walls) February 2008

I contacted Birgit as I required assistance to acquire a wet room. She has provided advice and prompted NCC on my requirements and endeavoured to speed up the process which unfortunately is still ongoing. Since then she has also referred me for outpatients Occupational Therapy on my wrist following a break to mobilise and strengthen my wrist, which is progressing much quicker than I thought it would. I am currently also awaiting an assessment from REMAP for adaptations for an extension to my wheelchair footplate which Birgit has arranged.

The service provided by Birgit is an excellent one which should be used where possible as a compliment to the NHS.

D.W. Wellingborough February 2008

"I contacted IRS for a replacement resting splint for my right hand. Birgit offered a prompt appointment and recommended a suitable splint to me which she ordered and provided. Additionally we also spoke about leisure activities and Birgit provided me with a number of different details on sports for the disabled. I now have a new splint and my right hand is resting in a more natural position. Birgit was very helpful and pleasant. Thank you."

R.S. Northampton December 2007

"I rang IRS because I was suffering from severe back pain. Birgit advised me on and provided different posture cushions to use in my chairs at home. I was previously unaware of the fact that these chair adaptations existed and my pain is now bearable! Also all suggestion and advice was offered at a minimal cost."

J.V. Corby July 2007

" I contacted IRS because I wanted to start focusing more upon the rest of my body and maximise its health and function. Felt I had been absorbed too much in the paralysis of my left arm/hand. Birgit provided a powerful and succinct lesson;I needed to learn to live in my body again!"

H.B. Northampton 2007

"Having an OT attached to the team at Patrick Road has benefited not only our users but also the service itself and the staff who work here. Having an expert "on site" to identify and address areas of concern means that both users and staff can get first hand advice and support and quicker outcome to meet their needs. Birgit`s knowledge of available resources and contacts with other agencies means that the services is able to utilise specialist support which can otherwise be difficult to access. Since working with our service, Birgit has supported users to acquire more suitable wheelchairs, walking aids and equipment. She has provided exercises to improve mobility and dexterity and made referrals to specialist services. Birgit has also advised on the purchase of equipment/furniture for the centre. She works closely with staff members to ensure relevant information is shared and passed on and has become a valued member of the team here."

V.B. Corby 2007

"I would like to thank Birgit for the help and support she has given our customers in getting the equipment/information they require in a fast efficient way. Birgit will go out of her way to ensure they get the service they require. Birgit offers a professional and effective service and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her service."

M.K. Corby 2007

"I would like to thank Birgit for all the help and support you have given me throughout the year. Without this support I would still be using equipment which was out of date and no longer suiting my needs. Now my needs have been met, I would not hesitate to contact Birgit in the future if the need arises as the service she provides is quick, reliable and efficient. I would recommend this service to anyone."

T.R. Corby 2007

"Thank you for all your help after my motorbike accident. You really helped me both deal with the immediate physical difficulties I had and to plan, develop and monitor my route to as full recovery as was possible. You really helped me get there-thank you again."

C.S.S. Kettering 2007

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